Boincstat is a command line linux program to display the status of boinc.

The latest version is 2.02


NEW in Version 2

Now you can watch your work units update without restarting the program. With the –w flag you will get an updating window which shows the in progress work units.


The latest version of the source is here

The latest version of the i686 executable is here


To compile the source …

1)   Download the source above

2)   Un tar the file e.g. tar –xvf boincstat-2.02.tar

3)   cd boincstat

4)   Type make

5)   You should now have a nice new executable, which you can do whatever you want with.


Requirements: You will need libxml2 to use boincstat. For more details on that go to

You will also need ncurses. For details on this look at


For full instructions on using boincstat see the docs that come with it or type “./boincstat –h”


Basically to use boincstat type “./boincstat –d /your/dir/to/boinc”


Instead of specifying the directory every time you can, from version 1.1 onwards, use the BOINCDIR environment variable. So “export BOINCDIR=/your/dir/to/boinc” may save you some typing.


For comments and bug reports please email me