Boincgui is a Linux program to graphically display the status of BOINC. Below is an example screenshot

The latest version is 0.4 updated on the 26th June 2004.

The latest version supports the public release verson of BOINC v3.18.

The latest version of the source is here
The latest version of the i686 executable is here

To compile the source ...

  1. Download the source above
  2. Extract the files e.g. tar -xvzf boincstat-0.4.tar.gz
  3. cd boincgui
  4. type "qmake"
  5. type "make"
  6. You will now have an executable called boincgui which you can do whatever you want with.

Requirements: You will need QT which you can get from

For my Linux command line version please look at boincstat

For comments and bug reports please email me